Building healthier outcomes from our food system

Douglas Cook

UC Davis chickpea expert Douglas Cook speaks at an American Society for Nutrition session, sponsored and organized in part by the World Food Center. (courtesy ASN)

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The World Food Center is bridging the gap between farm and health. Today the world has 1.9 billion adults who are overweight or obese, 795 million who are underweight and 2 billion who may consume enough calories but lack the necessary micronutrients.

Ensuring nutritious food means much more than meeting these basic needs. Nutrition is a multidimensional, complex problem. Optimal nutrition requires interdisciplinary science and interventions and depends on factors like food supply, food safety, clean water, sanitation, poverty, education and healthcare access.

The World Food Center is tackling malnutrition—both domestic and international—through UC Davis expertise from across food-related disciplines. Collaboration is key in nutrition, from the development and impact of research to the successful scaling up of programs.

The World Food Center partners with organizations on a wide range of programming activities. For more information or to learn more about partnership opportunities, contact Amy Beaudreault.