Senior Fellows to the World Food Center

Carl J. Schramm, Senior Fellow

Carl Schramm

Carl J. Schramm was president of the Kauffman Foundation from 2002 to 2011 where under his leadership it became the world’s premier organization dedicated to encouraging entrepreneurship and understanding the role innovation and new firm formation play in economic growth.

In 2012 he was a visiting scientist at MIT.  He is currently a university professor at Syracuse University and formerly the Ciocca Family visiting professor at UC Davis’s Graduate School of Management.  He is a also fellow at the Institute of Business Innovation at U.C. Berkeley and a director at the Berkeley Research Group. He serves as an advisor to the World Food Center on growing in the innovation ecosystem around food and agriculture.

Jon Entine, Senior Fellow

Jon Entine, Senior Fellow

Jon Entine is a researcher and journalist focusing on sustainability, science and public policy and serves as an advisor to the Institute for Food and Agriculture Literacy, a unit initiated by the World Food Center.

Entine is founder and director of the Genetic Literacy Project, which is an independent non-profit organization funded by grants from non-partisan foundations.  He is also a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.