Next Generation Precision Irrigation & Nutrient Management Systems

A new consortium seeks partners

precision irrigation key to Sustainability

UC Davis professor David Block and Toby Halkovich of Cakebread Cellars describe the importance of a new precision-irrigation system for customized watering of each vine in a wine grape vineyard. SHOW MORE

The World Food Center presented UC Davis Prof. David Block's precision irrigation project to tech companies as a example of translating research to the marketplace.

UC Davis works with the California growers, ranchers and producers who drive one of the top agricultural economies in the world. This effort leverages our trusted relationships, provides a platform to bridge technology to the market and unites the strengths of our world-renowned College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, College of Engineering, Center for Water and Energy Efficiency and World Food Center.

Equipping farmers with new tools for predicting and delivering water and nutrients for optimal yield and reduced environmental impacts

To advance the commercial development and adoption of integrated irrigation and fertilizer management solutions, a roadmap will define near-term and next-generation solutions. By engaging UC Davis’ widely respected connection to growers and agricultural industries, the Consortium seeks to align technology developers with current and future market opportunities in California’s agricultural industries.

A roadmap of activities

For more information or to join, contact: Josette Lewis

Field demonstration sites, managed by UC Davis and UC Cooperative Extension, to promote the integration of current technologies while building grower awareness and confidence

Research collaborations to develop and test next-generation technologies and fill knowledge gaps

Special forums to unite technology developers with growers around issues and opportunities in this area

Integration of precision components

  • Field and remote sensing technologies
  • Control systems
  • Wireless field data transmission
  • Grower outreach
  • Secure and affordable cloud-based data systems
  • Modeling and data analytics
  • Grower decision-support tools

A broad collaboration of consortium members

  • researchers
  • start-ups
  • established tech providers
  • growers
  • commodity organizations