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Climate change is a major challenge to the world's food systems

Welcome to the Climate-Smart Story Project

After more than a year in the making, with UC Davis researchers and many other collaborators, the World Food Center is launching the Climate-Smart Story Project.

UC Davis faculty members speak at a seminar with CDFA on climate change

The Value of Supporting Global Engagement

As we enter this holiday season, we at the World Food Center are thankful for everyone who has supported our work and partnered with us in 2016.

Climate-Smart Agriculture for students at UC Davis

Our global climate and policy students report back

We connected UC Davis scholars to international players as part of our role in the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) Global Alliance. Over the summer they worked closely with some of the most influential policymaking organizations.

The World Food Center elevates UC Davis policy

Policy news

The World Food Center has been uniting UC Davis faculty and students with policymakers and policy influencers around a number of food, climate and nutrition initiatives. 

agtech irrigation and fertilization consortium

New in Agtech Innovation

The World Food Center is making 2016 the year of innovation, with new WFC directors, collaborations, tech conferences and rising entrepreneurs. 

A Message from the Directors

Greetings to our World Food Center community, We are pleased to share this inaugural newsletter, capturing and celebrating our key accomplishments this past year. With appreciation to our partners...

World Food Center signs Weifang agreement

Our biggest moments of 2015

We have convened international conferences, partnered with thought leaders, expanded UC Davis' global reach and invested in next-generation leaders. This foundation is today positioning UC Davis as the hub for transformational solutions to healthy food for people and the planet...