Water Policy for Food Security: A Global Conference

CDFA Secretary and WFC Board Member Karen Ross

"We talk about integrated resource management," said CDFA Secretary and WFC Board Member Karen Ross, "But it’s difficult to get out of our silos and work together in a new way."

Op-ed: A Californian enigma

Guillaume Gruere, from the OECD and a speaker at the conference, writes that a tripod approach is needed for water management in California. 

October 5-6, 2015, at UC Davis

The World Food Center addressed the growing demands on water systems for agriculture. A panel of international experts and thought leaders brought new solutions to the table. Their goal was to strike a balance between the global need for more food and the steep urban, industrial and environmental pressures on water supplies—all under the added threats of climate change and soaring energy prices.

Hosted by the World Food Center at the University of California, Davis and the International Food Policy Research Institute and in conjunction with UC Davis water faculty members Jay Lund and Thomas Harter, the conference addressed key issues on the global level down to the individual water basin scale. The forum analyzed the extreme case of California, now in its fourth year of drought, as well as the challenges globally of sustainable management of ground and surface water resources and declining water quality.

The conference took place at UC Davis, with talks from policy makers, researchers, development investors and industry leaders from around the world. The ultimate goal was a series of policy briefs that set the priorities for action in securing water for food security.

Shining new light on drought

Shining new light on drought

A UC Davis study puts the drought in perspective, while the World Food Center's water conference puts the case of California on the international stage. (photo Joshua Viers/UC Merced)

Speakers, Bios and Agenda

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