Connecting agriculture to nutritional outcomes

Building healthier outcomes from our food system

Bridging the gap between farm and health to address the nutrition challenges facing an estimated 2.9 billion people globally. 

Growing California's agtech innovation economy

Growing California's innovation economy

Fueling collaborative entrepreneurship by tapping into the Silicon Valley ecosystem and rethinking the role of technology in the food system.

Uncovering sustainable solutions in our food systems

Uncovering sustainable solutions

Growing partnerships at the nexus of water and energy efficiency to balance research, innovation and policymaking with the demands on the environment and resources.

Connecting UC Davis scientific excellence to the public

Connecting scientific excellence to the public

Leveraging expertise from across the UC network and beyond to link fundamental science to society and the global economy.

Sharing UC Davis research in climate-smart solutions

Climate-Smart Agriculture

The World Food Center is sharing UC Davis research through new and stronger connections in the Global Alliance for Climate-Smart Agriculture.