About Us

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Our Mission and Vision

The World Food Center mobilizes the research, educational and outreach resources of UC Davis, in partnership with consumers, public and philanthropic entities, and the agricultural, marine and food industries, to promote innovative, sustainable and equitable food systems.

Based in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the World Food Center works on local, national and global scales to support scientific research and policy development leading to implementation of food production and distribution systems that support the health of people and the environment while addressing the challenges of population growth and climate change.

As envisioned by the faculty implementation committee, the World Food Center is both a megaphone to enhance the visibility of existing college and campus programs and a focal point for attracting extramural funding for large scale research projects to address public challenges at the nexus of food, agriculture, nutrition, and environmental sustainability.

History and Current Activities

The UC Davis World Food Center is housed in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Kent Bradford, Distinguished Professor of Plant Sciences and Director of the Seed Biotechnology Center, was appointed by Dean Helene Dillard as the World Food Center's Interim Faculty Director in 2017.

The World Food Center is currently engaging with faculty, departments, and campus food-related centers and institutes in conversations to determine how our activities can add value for faculty and existing programs. Over the next eighteen months, the World Food Center will:

  • Convene networking meetings that promote interdisciplinary conversations among campus faculty and external stakeholders;
  • Build relationships with key regional, national, and international leaders with interests in food systems research;
  • Visit key public and private funders to assess how their strategic priorities overlap with our expertise; and
  • Host workshops and symposia on critical food-related topics.