About Us

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World food. World health.

Transformational solutions for decades to come.

Our Mission and Vision

The World Food Center mobilizes the research, educational and outreach resources of UC Davis, in partnership with consumers, public and philanthropic entities, and the agricultural, marine and food industries, to promote innovative, sustainable and equitable food systems. Based in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the World Food Center works on local, national and global scales to support scientific research and policy development leading to implementation of food production and distribution systems that support the health of people and the environment while addressing the challenges of population growth and climate change.

Core World Food Center Functions and Activities

Connect – connect faculty and campus centers with each other through regularly scheduled networking and value-added events; enhance external relations with extramural partners;
Convene – convene campus faculty leaders and directors as well as external experts via conferences/workshops;
Catalyze – enhance and elevate UC Davis’ impact through marketing, relationship building, and opportunity creation;
Collaborate – prioritize and foster activities that engage faculty in collaborative activities, e.g., interdisciplinary grants;
Coordinate – collect and share information across the campus to enable collaboration for mutual benefit;
Communicate – foster internal communication to promote synergy; enhance external communication about UC Davis’ accomplishments and capacity.