Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy Symposium

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The Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy (IFAL) is dedicated to the promotion of science-­‐ based communication on food and agriculture.

What is the “Future of Food”? We are in the midst of an often-­‐rancorous debate about how we can farm more sustainably and produce healthier food. How can we meet the challenge of changing consumer preferences in affluent countries and the dramatic demand for more calories in the developing world—all while decreasing the global agricultural footprint?

The IFAL Symposium will interactively address those questions in an afternoon of discussion and debate. We will focus on sustainable agriculture through the lens of foods produced using a variety of genetic approaches and farming practices. We will address the complicated issues of nutrition and consumer acceptance. A taste test featuring a few of the food items discussed will be available to attendees including Rainbow papaya and the newly approved Arctic® Apple.

The IFAL Symposium is a public forum. Participants will include global scientists and educators, nationally known food and science journalists, community members and students and faculty from the university community. Yvette d’Entremont, aka “Science Babe”, will kick off the afternoon with humour. Pam Ronald, founding faculty director of IFAL, will follow with a talk on plant genetics and sustainable agriculture. Ted Nordhaus, Chairman of The Breakthrough Institute, will discuss farming intensification. Rita Hosking, the highly acclaimed Northern Californian country-­‐folk songwriter, will perform at a reception following the event.

Attendance is limited to 250 people, so sign-—up soon!

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1:00 Welcome Pam Ronald, Faculty Director, IFAL; Professor Plant Pathology and Genome Center, UC Davis

1:05 Keynote Yvette d’Entremont, Blogger, SciBabe “Can We Talk Our Way Into This; Advancing Science Communication with Humor” (Introduction Pam Ronald)

1:20 Audience Q/A

1:25 Introduction to the Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy (IFAL) Denneal Jamison-­‐ McClung, Director, IFAL

1:35 Prof. Pamela Ronald Talk “Tomorrow’s Table: organic farming, genetics and the future of food”

1:50 Audience Q/A

2:00 Discussion Panel: Is it safe to eat? Is it sustainable?

Moderator: Bruce German, Director, Foods For Health Institute, presents foods and fiber for discussion including: AquAdvantage® salmon, virus resistant papaya, BT sweet corn, BT eggplant, BT cotton, Simplot potatoes and Arctic® (non-­‐browning) apples

Animal Biotechnology: Alison Van Eenennaam, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Animal Biotechnology; University of California, Davis

Agricultural Biotechnology: Anastasia Bodnar, Board Member, Biology Fortified

Vegan Options: Michael Eisen (TBC), Howard Hughes Investigator, Professor Genetics, Genomics and Development, University of California, Berkeley

3:00 Audience Q/A

3:10 Break and Distribution of Arctic® Apple and Other Taste Samples

3:30 Keynote Ted Nordhaus, Chairman, The Breakthrough Institute “Ecological Benefits of Farming Intensification”

3:45 Audience Q/A

3:50 Discussion Panel: Science, Farming and Communication

Moderator; Marketing and Policy: Bruce Chassy, Professor Emeritus, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, University of Illinois at Urbana-­Champaign

Agriculture: Marian Swain, Conservation Analyst, The Breakthrough Institute; Tom Muller, Muller Farms; Dave Walton, Walton Farms; Contributing Columnist, The Genetic Literacy Project

Journalists: Nathanael Johnson, Writer, Grist; Russ Parsons, Food Editor and Columnist, Los Angeles Times

5:00 Audience Q/A

5:10 Musical Interlude Rita Hosking Highly acclaimed Northern Californian country-­folk songwriter

5:40 Science Policy Group Project Showcase Denneal Jamison-­McClung

-Introduction of UCD, UCB and UCSD communication group members

-­Presentation of 1st place prize from science policy group communication competition

6:00 Reception and Music Finale Rita Hosking