The World Food Center leads special events and activities year-round that bring the UC Davis campus together with partners from industry, government, NGOs, and academic institutions.

As part of our mission to connect and convene the UC Davis community around food systems, the World Food Center hosts and sponsors a full calendar of events that represent a broad variety of campus and regional resources. Join the World Food Center at one of our upcoming events and jump start your involvement at UC Davis.

Discover our upcoming events below, and visit our events archive to review materials from prior engagements.

Aligning the Food System for Improved Nutrition in Animal Source Foods

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May 14-15, 2019
UC Davis | Conference Center

This two-day conference will focus on the importance of animal source foods for human nutrition and health, particularly among pregnant women and young children; gaps and barriers to consumption among low-income populations; sustainability and environmental considerations of animal agriculture; and innovative strategies and supporting public policies to address the challenges. This conference is collaboratively hosted by the Department of Animal Science, the Program in International and Community Nutrition, and the World Food Center at UC Davis.

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Aligning the Food System for Food Safety in Food Waste Solutions

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May 15-16, 2019
UC Davis | Alumni Center

It is estimated that between 25-40% of all food is never eaten. These losses represent significant economic and environmental costs, but opportunities exist to improve the efficiency of our food systems. Sponsored via the World Food Center's Aligning the Food System platform, this workshop will consider proposed solutions to recover and recycle food loss and waste (FLW) in the context of balancing food safety concerns. By engaging industry, academic, policy, regulatory, extension, and NGO partners, the workshop will be the first of its kind to identify best practices and future directions for food safety in food waste solutions. This workshop will be held in partnership with the UC Davis Food Loss and Waste Collaborative, Department of Food Science & Technology, and Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science.

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