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UC Davis and FAO FANTA nutrition guide

World Food Center partners with FAO, USAID on nutrition resource

The collaboration has led to a much-needed tool for measuring dietary diversity, a key factor in diet quality. 


UC Davis professor David Block and Toby Halkovich of Cakebread Cellars describe the importance of a new precision-irrigation system for customized watering of each vine in a wine grape vineyard. SHOW MORE

Building an agtech consortium for sustainable irrigation

The World Food Center presented UC Davis Prof. David Block's precision irrigation project to tech companies as a way to translate science and technology to the marketplace. 

The World Food Center is lifting UC Davis to the global stage as the top university for food, by uniting agriculture, food science, nutrition, veterinary medicine and public health for a greater impact on society. 

"It was a short visit and I already think differently about food, agriculture and the world's in humanity restored." 

-CEO Matius Muchnick on a WFC event

Connecting science

UC Davis scientists advise AB 32 climate policy

UC Davis scientists advise California climate policy

The World Food Center recently hosted the CDFA, the ARB and the Department of Conservation in a forum on the state's AB 32 climate plan.