Our Mission

The World Food Center mobilizes the resources of UC Davis to promote innovative, sustainable, and equitable food systems. We bring together partners in academia, industry, and the civic sector to:

  • Develop integrated solutions to the grand challenges of providing food for all: climate change, resource scarcity, and sustainability;
  • Propel California’s world-class food and agriculture technology hub; and
  • Promote cutting-edge research, educational, and outreach programs in food systems.

Dialogues: Science and the Social License


On November 4, 2019, the UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment and World Food Center presented Dialogues and Discourse in Science and SocietyScience and the Social License.

The conference covered issues based around the expanding world's population, rising food demands, and increasingly disruptive climate risks. Scientific advancements can be utilized to solve these existential threats, but misinformation and discouraging public opinion prevent these solutions from being brought to light. At the conference we asked how do we close the growing gap between scientific innovation and public acceptance?

Using climate change policy and genetic engineering as case studies, Dialogues: Science and the Social License investigated why public opinion diverges from scientific discovery and discussed what we can do to bridge the innovation gap. This day-long conference featured perspectives and panel dialogues from scientists, communicators, psychologists, and subject-matter experts, bringing together diverse stakeholders to discuss the relationship between science, culture, and policy.

Visit our Youtube channel to watch videos from the event.