Aligning the Food System

In 2019, the World Food Center will host the Aligning the Food System workshop series to bring together industry, government, nonprofit, and university experts around key areas of food and agriculture. Each workshop will assess its topic's present and future challenges, identify best practices, and provide comprehensive recommendations for research and policy directions. Several workshops will be sponsored by the World Food Center through this engagement-focused platform, including:

May 14-15, 2019: Workshop on nutrition in animal-source foods, led by the Program in International and Community Nutrition and the Department of Animal Science

May 15-16, 2019: Workshop on solutions for food loss and waste, led by the Food Loss and Waste Collaborative and the Department of Food Science & Technology

Center Spotlight

pipraPIPRA (Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture) enable technologies developed in the public sector to have the broadest possible impact in society, promoting and facilitating intellectual property management tools to navigate the landscape of IPRs to accomplish successful technology transfer for public benefit.

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