The World Food Center is lifting to the global stage an unmatched portfolio of UC Davis resources:

  • More than 400 scholars focused on food issues from across all four colleges
  • 7,000 top-notch students excelling in food-related degree programs
  • Top-ranking ag, health and veterinary medicine programs that have long brought critical UC Davis food and nutrition research to life
  • 3,000 acres of a state of the art research environment

Few major universities have the interdisciplinary research strengths and legacy of breakthroughs that UC Davis does in agriculture, food science, health, genetics, biotechnology, intellectual property, sustainability, engineering and the social sciences and humanities.

The UC Davis World Food Center is the one university that is committed to bold leadership and productive scholarship in the following areas:

  • Research: Collaborative and strategic research results.
  • Innovation: Tech transfer and intellectual property compensation in ways that reward collaboration.
  • Industry: Pre-competitive and university partnerships that drive innovation.
  • Policy: Policy coordination and goal-setting collaborations through agency and government entities.
  • Education: Fulfilling the purpose and intent of land-grant institutions.

The World Food Center will help generate economic development in the Northern California region and expand the connections between agriculture, innovation and entrepreneurship. UC Davis is the one university to make this vision come alive.