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About UFWH

In 2004, leaders at Auburn University accepted an invitation to partner with the United Nations World Food Programme in the fight against hunger, one of the world’s most pressing global issues. Inspired by this partnership, Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH) was launched in 2006. This coalition is now led by the Hunger Solutions Institute at Auburn University and has expanded to nearly 300 campuses worldwide. 

With sustainability as a framework, the comprehensive UFWH best practices model outlines a short-term grassroots student advocacy and action campaign, as well as an academic agenda focused on long-term solutions that are suitable for adaptation or replication by participating universities. The model is designed to (1) produce graduates who are not only technically competent, but globally aware and socially engaged, and (2) challenge universities to assume a leadership role in creating innovative solutions to global sustainability issues like world hunger. 

Although each college and university in the network plans its own agenda, all are committed to stimulate student awareness about hunger as a critical global issue and help them find ways to make meaningful contributions regardless of background, major, or career path. At the annual summits, hundreds of student leaders from around the world gather to share best practices and experiences. 

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